Tuesday, July 30, 2013

bundaleer forest | part 2

{ Part 2 of our visit to Bundaleer Forest - see Part 1 here }

By the time we finished morning tea there were more showers, but undeterred, we set off on the 'Scenic walk'. The first challenge was crossing the flowing creek without getting our feet totally soaked - with a bit of team work we managed pretty well. The sun came out briefly as we looked at the forest sculptures along the way.

It was soon raining again, alternating between light & heavier showers, with the occasional burst of sunshine. This walk is supposed to include a view over the valley, but we managed to miss that loop of the walk - a little disappointing, but considering how wet & windy it was, probably just as well. The track follows the road for a while & there were some nice views over the farmland.

We'll just have to go again some time soon, perhaps on a drier day. Despite the sogginess it was a fun outing - we even saw a rainbow - and it finished well with lunch back at the picnic ground.

part 1 | a past walk in a forest in the rain

Sunday, July 28, 2013

bundaleer forest | part 1

We're lucky enough to have not just one, but two forests in our area - the Wirrabara forest is a little closer, so we've visited it a bit more often. A little over a week ago, we spent most of a day in the Bundaleer forest, near Jamestown.

It was a cold day, kinda cloudy with possible showers forecast - it wasn't raining when we arrived, but the recent wet weather meant it was quite wet & slippery underfoot. There are a couple of walks which start at the picnic ground & we decided to walk the shorter 'Maple Walk' to work up an appetite for morning tea. Apart from a brief shower it stayed dry - the sun even came out for a while & morning tea was thoroughly enjoyed.

After morning tea was a bit wetter &......well, you'll have to wait for part two...

Friday, July 26, 2013


...we've had lots more rain - it has been a very wet winter so far. And although the cloudy skies have meant not many frosty mornings, it has still been really cold...

...including the morning of the July market - the wind was icy...

...we did have a lovely day for a wander in the Wirrabara Forest - beautifully wintry, with flowing water & bare branches...

...pulled out some old cameras for a teleidoscope photo & took another when we visited the forest...

...we put together a special package for our wonderful Aunt, full of love & handmade goodness...

...been doing a bit more sketching, also some zentangling...

...baked spelt & rye bread - letting the yeast grow overnight (the recipe came from the River Cottage everyday book), and made a batch of not-banana bread (which we have decided to call pineapple loaf). Also, Amy made a batch of cupcakes using the spelt flour carrot cake recipe I mentioned recently - so good!...

...it was Kathryn's birthday...

...and I'm not very keen on spiders, but their webs sure do make pretty photos.

Monday, July 22, 2013

a day at the market | july

It has been pretty wet around here lately (to put it mildly), so with the forecast saying there was an eighty percent chance of rain, we decided to go with a spot in the hall for this month's Wirrabara Producer's Market. Although it ended up staying dry, the wind was absolutely freezing & I was very glad to get back inside after a quick walk around the rest of the market. The rest of the stalls were split about evenly between in & outside, so we weren't on our own.

a day at the market | march | june

Thursday, July 18, 2013

a winter forest

A wander in the Wirrabara Forest, lots of rain recently means flowing creeks & lush undergrowth.
also, a forest photo for the teleidoscope.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

lovely links...

More rainy days, interspersed with a smattering of lovely, mild, sunny days & a few frosty mornings. The rain is good for the garden & the farmers - it's also one of my favourite sounds the fall asleep to.

A beautiful farmer's market in Telluride & a market on Granville Island.

Some surreal self-portraits, a cold & frosty morning. Beautiful weddings elegant, colourful & in the mountains. A beautiful dress with a beautiful story.

Some gorgeous portraits 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Elsie & Emma recently celebrated six years of blogging at A Beautiful Mess - they blog about recipes, craft, life, all sorts of good things. Love this scarf tutorial, this one too & a super cute stamp.

It is perfect baking weather - time for some cake perhaps? Like Spelt Flour Carrot, Pear & Almond, Rhubarb Vanilla or Honey, Pear & Pistachio.....they all have fruit in them, so they are almost health food ;)

& not new, but still totally awesome.