Tuesday, July 30, 2013

bundaleer forest | part 2

{ Part 2 of our visit to Bundaleer Forest - see Part 1 here }

By the time we finished morning tea there were more showers, but undeterred, we set off on the 'Scenic walk'. The first challenge was crossing the flowing creek without getting our feet totally soaked - with a bit of team work we managed pretty well. The sun came out briefly as we looked at the forest sculptures along the way.

It was soon raining again, alternating between light & heavier showers, with the occasional burst of sunshine. This walk is supposed to include a view over the valley, but we managed to miss that loop of the walk - a little disappointing, but considering how wet & windy it was, probably just as well. The track follows the road for a while & there were some nice views over the farmland.

We'll just have to go again some time soon, perhaps on a drier day. Despite the sogginess it was a fun outing - we even saw a rainbow - and it finished well with lunch back at the picnic ground.

part 1 | a past walk in a forest in the rain


  1. these are gorgeous! I love taking walks in the rain, it has become a bit of a tradition with me and my Mum - we always end up getting caught in a storm, haha. Lovely pictures :)

  2. it was a lot of fun and you took some gorgeous photos!


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