Sunday, July 28, 2013

bundaleer forest | part 1

We're lucky enough to have not just one, but two forests in our area - the Wirrabara forest is a little closer, so we've visited it a bit more often. A little over a week ago, we spent most of a day in the Bundaleer forest, near Jamestown.

It was a cold day, kinda cloudy with possible showers forecast - it wasn't raining when we arrived, but the recent wet weather meant it was quite wet & slippery underfoot. There are a couple of walks which start at the picnic ground & we decided to walk the shorter 'Maple Walk' to work up an appetite for morning tea. Apart from a brief shower it stayed dry - the sun even came out for a while & morning tea was thoroughly enjoyed.

After morning tea was a bit wetter &......well, you'll have to wait for part two...


  1. Those last two pictures caused me catch a brief scent of damp earth and forest floor decay. Thank you :-)

  2. lovely photos Vickie - I do love exploring forests, especially in winter time when everything is so lush and green :)

  3. Lovely photos Vickie - looks like a great place for a wintery picnic
    Forest sounds so English - I'm looking for hedgehogs and badgers!

  4. it was such a beautiful forest and these photos are lovely, Vickie.


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