Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a touch of magic (wishlist wednesday)...

I'm a day early this week, as we're off to see the wizard tomorrow...

Samhain Witch by gorjuss

Fungus Set by TheOakLeaves

Pocket Mirror by meredithdillman

 Ceramic Blue Moon by NewMoonStudio

 Keep Calm and Carry a Wand by terbearco

...as in the wonderful wizard of oz - tomorrow night we'll be watching the Wicked musical at the Adelaide Festival Theatre - can't wait!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a bug's life...

our garden is full of life...

1. moth (someone did tell me what they're called, but I can't remember) - there are hundreds of these about at the moment.
2. wasp
3. honey bee
4 & 5. butterfly - I spent ages chasing these around, waiting for them to land long enough to be photographed (they may get their own post later)
6. bee. this one has white stripes & is a different shape to the usual, we think it might be a native bee?