Sunday, March 31, 2013

busy, busy...

I've been busy, preparing for the Wirrabara Farmers' market this Sunday (I'm sharing a stall with my Mum & sister) & also for the Laura Folk Fair, which is next weekend. I don't have a stall at the folk fair - our shop is right across the road from the main part of the fair, so we are kept quite busy. Also made another batch of polymer clay pieces - more leaf imprints. & it's Mum's birthday on Monday.

Anyway, photos of the market & finished polymer etc next week.

Friday, March 29, 2013

time & space { the teleidoscope }

'cos bow ties are cool* - week #13 of The Teleidoscope - Time & Space

*yep, totally a Doctor Who reference

on Flickr

Monday, March 25, 2013

lovely links...

 Another collection of blog posts that have recently caught my eye, there are lots of wonderful things out there...

Dreaming of far away places - of Paris from Above, of Berlin, of Autumn in Munich, of Paris again.

Gorgeous portraits in vintage, in the snow, & behind the scenes.

A big project in need of a little help.

Happy Birthday to Rosa :)

I've mentioned Kathryn's blog fairly often here - our sister Amy is blogging now too. She's all about fashion, beautiful things & glitter (& she has pretty good taste).

& some cuteness to finish up - Joy's adorable little girl & one of Sara's gorgeous cats.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


...we're finally getting some really autumnal weather - some days are still quite warm, but the mornings have been gorgeous & crisp & cool. Now we just need some rain...

...except for on the 31st, 'cos I'm having a stall at the local Farmers' Market & I don't want to get wet, lol

...we went to Adelaide Writers' Week & listened some interesting authors, including a couple of favourites

...I finished, fired & tumbled my batch of fine silver & have been busy making earrings...

...& playing with polymer clay

...we launched the shop blog & amongst other things I've posted about the painting project I mentioned last time, as well as a little tutorial...

...still in love with the early morning light, {don't think that's likely to change any time soon}...pretty fond of the afternoon light too

...spent a fun day browsing in some vintage shops with mum, dad & my sisters

Thursday, March 21, 2013

a patch of painting...

Early last month I spent the best part of a week up on a scaffold, painting a mandala on the front wall of the shop. It was lots of fun & I was very glad to finish ;)

Lots more photos over on the shop blog.

both these photos & most of the ones in the other post were taken by the lovely Kathryn.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

work in progress | playing with polymer

I've been having fun, working with polymer clay. Mostly with leaf imprints (plus a few stamped ones), the pieces have been baked, sanded, painted & varnished. Now they are just waiting for the addition of some findings...

Friday, March 15, 2013

writers' week 2013

I was very happy to be able to attend some of Adelaide Writers' Week again this year. Held outdoors in some of Adelaide's beautiful park-lands, it's free! to attend & lots of fun. Although I have to say this year's weather wasn't quite as wonderful as last year.

Anyway, we managed to attend talks on two different days & listened to some authors we already loved, as well as discovering some new (to us) ones. Kathryn & I also waited in two really long lines to get books signed.

Isobelle Carmody & Kerry Greenwood have been favourites of mine for a long time & they were very worth listening to (Kerry's talk was hilarious). I also really enjoyed hearing Justine Larbalestier & Vikki Wakefield (on a panel with Isobelle), Karen Lord (although I missed part of her talk due to one of the aforementioned lines), Scott Westerfeld & Toni Jordan. It was also nice to see Sean Willams again (talking with Scott Westerfeld), as his talk with Garth Nix was one of my favourites last year.

& Kathryn's posts 1 | 2 (I also must thank her for having found the links for all the authors already, so I could just copy them :)  )

also 2012 | in film