Thursday, August 1, 2013

The August Break

This month I have decided to join The August Break, run by the lovely Susannah Conway.

You can read all about it here, but the basic idea is give yourself a break from writing blog posts & simply share images that appeal to you. Take photos just for the sake of it & share them as often as you want. I will probably more-or-less stick to my every-second-day posting, but I am not going to worry if I post more, or less. I'm half way through week 3 of my project, so I will still be posting that & I've been thinking of having a little dig through my archives for the year & see what is waiting patiently for me. Plus photos I take this month of course.

Although my blog often doesn't feature that many words anyway, I'm looking forward to just posting what I feel like without thinking about how it fits or what type of things I've already posted recently. I know, I know - it's all up to me anyway, but I'm giving myself a break from my own expectations.


  1. Looking forward to the results of your freedom.

  2. these are beautiful captures of light!

  3. Wonderful Pictures you have Took :)

  4. that first photo is stunning and yay for August break!


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