Monday, March 16, 2015

lovely links...

Autumn has arrived - warm days, cool nights & crisp mornings, although I wouldn't be surprised if we got another round of heat. What we're waiting for though, is rain...

Many faces (or hands, or feet...).

Lots of exciting things coming up at the Flinders Street Market.

Snowy magic. The beauty of winter on film. Sparkling sunshine & ocean blues. Spring-time in Paris (+ here). Magic mountaintops. Rosy beauty.

Too many baked things I'd like to try - lemon, poppyseed & blueberry streusel pound cake, overnight spiced sugar buns, zucchini pistachio bread, rosemary soda bread, double chocolate banana muffins (although I have made these once already, I'd be quite happy to eat some again...). Anyone feel like baking?

Another reason that music is awesome.

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