Monday, March 9, 2015

writers' week 2015

I've probably mentioned before how much I love Adelaide Writers' Week (like, oh, every year we've attended), but seriously, it's an awesome event & I highly recommend you go if you have the chance.

There is some sort of magic that happens at writers' week, where any talk you go to is interesting - some more than others, of course - & it doesn't matter if you aren't familiar with the authors, or you only see the talk because it is on the same stage as the next talk you've picked. Add to that a beautiful parkland setting (with gorgeous weather this year), free entry & good coffee - I could happily attend the whole week, although we made do with the first two days this year. Already looking forward to next year...

more photos here.
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photo 3 by Kathryn

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  1. I love writers' week! lovely photo recap as always.


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