Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a day at the market | february

Not your typical summer's morning for the market this month - it was cold, grey & damp, luckily it did (slowly) warm up & the sun even came out eventually. No-one was really complaining though, considering the month this region has had & with January's market cancelled due to the fire, everyone was grateful for the cool & rainy change (we do seem to be having a summer of extremes - after not only the fire, but it being around or over 40C for weeks - there was not just rain, but flooding). And it very nicely did not rain during market, despite the clouds.

So, a good market - new aprons, I think we're getting better at setting up our stall well, lots of people, spring rolls for brunch, hot tea & coffee, catching up with some friends...

a day at the market 2013


  1. I love going to little markets like this, looks fab :)

  2. The veggie-printed aprons are awesome! Love love love the one you've pictured in this post, Vickie!


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