Tuesday, February 4, 2014

sentenced | january

I first fell for the cute spotty cover & then was intrigued by the idea - one sentence per day (with a prompt) for the year & the next two as well - & so far I'm having fun with my 'A Sentence A Day' book. And obviously I had to get a cute pen to go with it (I've mentioned my love of pretty stationery before, right?).

The prompts are fun & sometimes a little hard to answer, but I'm trying to just stick with whatever I think of first. I can have a tendency to worry about getting stuff 'right', but I remind myself that this is supposed to be fun & there is no 'right' answer anyway. It will be interesting to come back in a year & see what I have to write about then...

the prompts shown are 'what was the last song you listened to?', 'what is the colour of the day today?', 'what do you love about this season?', 'name three things you're grateful for' & 'when did you wake up this morning?'


  1. I really wanted one of these books! maybe its not to late to get one...

  2. Excellent idea! Would be a great (manageable!) idea for the busy Mom who wants some record of those first years! Thanks for sharing!


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