Friday, January 3, 2014

{ 2013 }

Somehow the past year seems to have gone by incredibly quickly, yet last January feels like forever ago. 2013 had it's ups & downs & challenges, but I think it was a positive year over-all, with plenty of good experiences. So here are a few of the things I remember most from the year...

One of the most exciting things this year was our trip to Queensland for my cousin's wedding, plus a little holiday...seeing Josh Groban in concert in Adelaide was pretty awesome, as was listening to some favourite authors at Writer's Week...I really enjoyed my month of mornings project...stuck to my goal of posting on the blog every second day, created/adopted/continued some series of posts I quite like & enjoyed the August Break...had fun baking & found a few new family favourites...made a bit of jewellery - some silver clay, some beading, made some new textures & molds, started experimenting with firing base-metal clays, played with some polymer clay & leaves...did a bit of sketching & zentangling, along with a bit of a painting project...the Bowerbird Bazzar is always inspiring & speaking of markets, have really enjoyed our stall at the local producer's market, plus getting into some different crafts - printing bags & aprons, making felt ornaments...various forest adventures, one or two of them quite damp...& finished the year with a lovely, quiet family Christmas...

photos from 2013 - sunlight & lavender, one of my favourite combinations | fresh baked biscuits | spring-time plum blossom | portraits in the forest | autumn morning light | sunset in Brisbane | a frosty winter morning

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  1. firstly the first and last photos are amazing (all the others are lovely, too), secondly, a lovely post to wrap up 2013. :)


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