Sunday, January 5, 2014

month of mornings | a look back

I really enjoyed my 'month of mornings' photo project last year - a week each season (summer, autumn, winter, spring), equalling a months worth of photographs (28 in fact, which makes the month February, I guess).

I didn't give myself lots of rules - just seven mornings in a row, with anything until noon counting. Although only once was the photo taken that late in the morning, most often I was done before breakfast - or at least before morning coffee. I think splitting the project up into seasons worked well - not only did it keep the images interesting, but a week of photos is a challenge, without becoming really hard work.

Actually, I think picking the image for each day was probably the hardest part - I almost always had plenty of extras, especially on the days I took the camera on my morning walk, in order to catch the sunrise.

summer | autumn | winter | spring

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