Monday, June 4, 2012

just a few... { melbourne }

I didn't mean to stop posting photos from my Melbourne trip, I kind of just got involved in other things. I have a list (somewhere) of posts I wanted to do. Now that I've reminded myself, I shall have to find it & actually post some of them.

For now though, a random selection of shots that I like - by the river, in the city, at the botanic gardens, at abbotsford convert, in federation square...


  1. Hi Vickie! love your blog! The photos of Melbourne made me feel quite nostalgic! I spent many a summer at the Botanic Gardens in particular when I was younger. :)
    I also wanted to stop by and let you know you are one of the winners of our competition for the blue wren giveaway! Can you please email us your shipping address? and we can pop it in the mail for you asap. xo look forward to hearing from you! :) Kristina - inaluxe

  2. love the crowd shot, the lighting and angle is awesome! the scooters are great, too.


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