Thursday, June 14, 2012

reasonably remarkable...

As I mentioned here, we recently decided to attempt the Mt Remarkable summit hike.

It was a 12km round trip, which took us about 6hrs (+ a lunch stop at the summit). The weather was gorgeous - cool & sunny with a bit of breeze & we were well fuelled by home-made pasties, biscuits & flour-less chocolate cupcakes. Although the view at the summit was obscured by trees, there were plenty of opportunities to gawk at the surrounding farmland along the way. While it was not precisely a gentle afternoon stroll, I enjoyed it very much.

All these photos I took on the way down (which is when I carried the camera), you can see some that Kathryn took on the way up here.


  1. looks great - i havnt been on a trek or bushwalk in to love our beautiful bushland!

  2. I'm in love with the panoramic views.

  3. lovely shots, Vickie!
    thanks for the link, I linked to you in my post, too. :)


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