Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a potentially prickly encounter...

On our way down Mt Remarkable, we had a rather special encounter.

We hadn't seen that much wildlife other than a few birds, until we spotted this prickly fellow, just off the path. It was very shy at first, but once we stood quietly for a while, poked it's head out. The sound of the camera seemed to spook it, so I watched & waited a while between shots. I probably could have sat & watched it all day, but the hot drinks we had left in the car were calling us, so eventually we moved on.

a little further on, we also spotted another local...

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  1. great day for animal finds!
    those echidna pics are fab

  2. I think these pictures are fabulous.

  3. what a wonderful experience - thank you so much for sharing these pics xo

  4. great captures! it was a cutie. :)

  5. how cool that you were able to see both of them. I feel like viewing animals in the wild is so special, although I enjoy zoos too.


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