Wednesday, October 1, 2014

flinders street market | september

Back at Flinders Street Market on a lovely (if somewhat windy) spring weekend. Along with my jewellery, Mum & Kathryn's new name for their market stall/handmade goods 'Hollipotamus' had it's first outing & we continued to tweak & improve our layouts & displays.

Apart from forgetting to pack the camera (apologies for the slightly grainy iPhone photos) our set up went well & we had a good weekend - including getting some henna 'tattoos' & enjoying some yumminess from The Lunch Lady.

We won't be making it to Flinders Street during October (something to do with half of us being off on a road-trip), but stay tuned for our November dates.

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  1. was a good test for your new stall layouts and I think they're now looking even better than they do here.


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