Friday, October 3, 2014

cute & colourful...

These cute felt & fabric creations are the work of my Mum & sister Kathryn, to sell on their 'Hollipotamus' stall at the markets we attend (the name is inspired by our favourite cutie-pie). Their range of toys, brooches, clips & assorted other creations is ever expanding & I think all the things they are making are utterly adorable (possibly slightly biased, but I mean, just look at them!).

So anyway, just felt like having a some light-heartedness & colour on the blog (these little creatures make me smile). Also rather pleased with how the photos turned out, so kind of showing off a little, lol.

*working on having a proper web presence for Hollipotamus, but for now you can contact them via the shop facebook page.

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  1. love these photos, thanks fro the little feature, Vickie :)


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