Friday, May 16, 2014

five things | getting ready to go

1. I've found myself going between being really excited (I'm going to Europe!) & really overwhelmed (I have so much to do/decide/plan), so I'm trying to find the balance - have a little freak-out & then get back to it. I seemed to manage some measure of calm in the last week of preparation, so tried to hang on to that.

2. Lists. Lots of lists. Where to go, what to pack, what still needs doing, things to buy, things to make...

3. Reading guidebooks gets me feeling excited, but can also somewhat overwhelm - there's so much to see/how do I decide/what if I miss something - and I have to stop & remind myself that it's all going to be pretty amazing & new & there's no possible way to see everything anyway.

4. Advice will come from all sorts of people - the trick is to listen & then decide which bits to take on board, because you can't (& probably shouldn't) follow it all. "It's much less scary once you are actually doing it" is one piece I'm holding on to.

5. Working out what to pack is tricky (I'm sure I've ended up packing stuff I won't need), but it's one of those times where I've just had to decide & go with it. It seems my palette is mostly blues, greys & purples, with an occasional pop of other colour - I never would have said that blue was my colour, but at the moment, it seems to be.

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  1. It's funny, I would have said blue was your colour...anyway, I think you've done pretty well preparing!


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