Monday, August 30, 2010

wonderful workshops...

The Saturday of the conference was spent learning some new skills (or attempting to anyway)...

First Trish from TrishAlan Designs gave an interesting talk on teaching craft...not sure I want to go that way at the moment, but it certainly raised some things to consider if I do. Then we had morning tea  - & I would like to thank Ali for insisting on organising real coffee :)

My first workshop was Freeform Crochet - taught by Meggan. I made a cord for my id tag & started a circle...I didn't pick it up super fast, but I started to get somewhere. Then I travelled by train with Meggan on Sunday & got an extra lesson :). I not a crochet prodigy by any means, but I will spend some time playing & see if I can get anywhere...(in the photo below, the purple string & the smaller circle are my work - the larger circle Meggan made to show me a pattern).

After lunch, I did a zentangle workshop with Melanie. Zentangle is heaps of fun - I've been playing since I got home & have introduced my Mum & sisters to it. Amy has been especially taken with it & has produced some gorgeous drawings.

The bigger sheet in the photo below is the tangle I started at the workshop & have since completed. The smaller drawing is one that Melaine gave us the outline for, so we could all fill it in & see what we came up with - they have been great so far.

a better look at my first zentangle...


  1. wow i love the zentangle! makes me want to try and make one myself.

  2. Beautiful photos Vickie! Glad you share my opinion on coffee ;-)

  3. WOW - great work, the crochet is wonderful (I can't crochet or knit either)

    but... the Zentangel is amazing


  4. Awesome Zentangle Vickie!
    It is heaps of fun, isn't it!!

  5. that's fabulous Vickie! I love it!


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