Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conference goodies...

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural DUST Conference, held on the Gold Coast. Not only did I get to meet some awesome DUST-ers, have a holiday & learn some new skills (more on that later), I also received a goodie bag, full of DUST-y goodness.

all the DUST-ers who attended - as well as some who couldn't make it - provided something wonderful for the bag. There were rings, earrings, hair accessories, pendants, brooches, beads, prints, vouchers.....the bag they came in is pretty good too :)

My contribution isn't shown above - I had two left & my sisters adopted those :)

I gave everyone a copper charm (made from ArtClayCopper) & a print of one of my mandala drawings.

I had an amazing time.....there will be a couple more posts on the subject coming soon.


  1. Weren't the bags great!
    You took some gorgeous photos of them, can't wait to see more blog posts.

  2. Beautiful photos Vickie! Such wonderful goodies. It was lovely to meet you at the Conference. Looking forward to seeing your next blog posts about the Conference.

  3. I love my copper pendent, it definitely pays to be your sister ;)
    lovely post, can't wait for the rest :)

  4. These charms are beautiful Vickie, so simple and elegant!


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