Monday, January 25, 2016

this & that

Adele, singing along to Adele songs (among others).

Some recent etsy favourites: this gorgeous ceramic dish, these cute ceramic planters, a classy pair clogs (I love them in mauve & marina), this pretty nature-y embroidery & a set of adorable magnets.

From UpWorthy: Dogs through their ages. Things little kids say. Talking about kindness.

Really enjoying playing with A Color Story for my instagram photos.

Dreaming of far away places (always): Christmas in Zurich. A colourful town in France. Dreamy light in Florence. Canals & bikes & buildings (aka, Amsterdam). & Paris, of course.

I love pretty much everything in this shop/gallery.

Anyone up for some baking? Something like a swedish tea ring, or greek new year's cake, or perhaps blueberry-carrot muffins, thyme + cornmeal cake or maybe you need a birthday cake? Actually, if you think about it, it's always someone's birthday, somewhere - so really there's no excuse not to bake a cake...

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