Thursday, January 7, 2016

{ 2015 }

A scattering of memories from the past year...

Lots of jewellery making, finally got the hang of firing base metals (more or less), had some really good markets...& my jewellery started being stocked by a shop in Adelaide...a sun-shiny Writer's Week, enjoyable as big trips for me, but enjoyed seeing the pictures as my sister explored Edinburgh...started the year with a visit to the beach...finished some new zentangle-mandalas...spent most of February on call for jury duty...had my wisdom teeth removed...did a little bit of local exploring...& had a quiet Christmas at home.

1. rainy mornings \\ 2. Pt Germain \\ 3. late afternoon light \\ 4. new jewellery \\ 5. a little autumn colour \\ 
6. Writers' Week \\ 7. abundant blossoms \\ 8. new tangles

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