Tuesday, January 6, 2015

{ 2014 }

2014 was a pretty amazing year for me, full of adventures & new experiences. There's no way I could ever write about everything that happened, so here's a selection of the highlights...

Without a doubt, the biggest thing that happened during 2014 was my Europe adventure - four countries, seven cites, train rides, castles, five weeks on my own & I have so many photos to share...& as if that wasn't enough travelling, my sisters & I headed off on a road-trip, seeing a bit of our own country...the year did start with a bit of a scare, and then plenty of rain...we welcomed a new addition to the family, followed along as one brother visited Japan & another went to Bali...I did plenty of jewellery making - fine silver, polymer, copper clay - lots of new pieces created, continued attending the Wirrabara Producers Market & started at the Flinders Street Market...visited &/or re-visited some beautiful local places, started playing on instagram...& finished the year with a fun family Christmas trip, including Holly's first visit to the beach...

 1.  Paris  \\ 2. clouds of spring pink  \\ 3. let it rain  \\ 4. afternoon sun-lit portraits  \\ 5. twelve apostles  \\ 6. morning light  \\ 7. Schloss Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangu  \\ 8. sunflare.

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  1. wow, I forgot how much happened - feels like two years worth!


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