Monday, November 17, 2014

lovely links...

The hot, hot days have started (quite abruptly, or so it feels), but we're still getting some lovely cool nights & mild days - thank goodness, I'm not quite ready for summer...

Shake up your work routine.

Been hanging out on instagram - all sorts of lovely & cute, delicious, wanderlust-inspiring & beautiful...

Awe-inspiring places. Beautiful countryside. Interesting cities to wander in. Magic light.

I've been enjoying watching this project all year.

I'll have some maple syrup cake please. Or vanilla bean confetti cookies, perhaps triple chocolate & vanilla crumb cake, or a peanut butter & dark chocolate skillet cookie, or maybe a chocolate chip buttermilk cake? I'm not that fussy really.

& getting excited about the Christmas Bazaar.

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  1. lovely links, indeed. interesting thoughts on taking time off, so important but strangely hard to do.


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