Friday, April 25, 2014

a walk in the (national) park | Alligator Gorge

We had gorgeous weather over the Easter weekend & spent Good Friday exploring Alligator Gorge. It was the perfect day for it - mild & a little sunny, with a nice breeze - & we thoroughly enjoyed our wander, listening to birdsong, enjoying nature & being awe-struck at the magnificent scenery.

After enjoying the views from the look-outs, we ventured down the stairs into the gorge, walked along the terraces, followed the path (&/or creek bed) through the gorge - marvelling at the vast, layered walls (& the trees & grasses managing to grow there) - & climbed back up to the top for lunch.

It was an altogether lovely way to spend the day...

more photos from our walk over on Kathryn's blog...


  1. What a beautiful place for an Easter walk Vickie. Those grass trees are magnificent.

  2. such a gorgeous place, we have to go back to do the longer walk some time!


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