Saturday, March 22, 2014

writers' week 2014

Another year, another Adelaide Writers' Week - held as always in beautiful parkland in the city - a celebration of books & reading & writing. Attending has become something of a tradition for us, one I hope continues. We had a lovely time listening to all the authors speaking about their work - Alexander McCall Smith was a real highlight, just as lovely as his books - but I enjoyed every session we listened to.

One of the many lovely things about Adelaide's literary festival is the fact that being free to attend means you can arrive early, or decide to hang around a little longer & catch authors or talks you might not have picked, but which often turn out to be some of the best.

I know my post is a bit photo heavy for something that's about a book event, but I kind of like letting my pictures do the talking. If you would like a more, well, writer-y perspective, head on over to Kathryn's blog.

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  1. great captures, Vickie, especially the last shot - readin at Writers' Week, how novel! ;)


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