Wednesday, October 23, 2013

this, that & the next thing...

Just for fun, a few random facts about me:

1. I have lots of siblings - an older brother & sister, three younger brothers & two younger sisters
2. I love being up in the early morning - but not getting out of bed early
3. I love books & reading
4. When I was little, apparently I used to demand not one, but several bedtime stories every night (sorry Mum!)
5. I love learning new skills
6. I don't have sugar in either tea or coffee
7. There are four girls & four boys in my family
8. When my parents were naming me, Dad was determined that my name would end in 'ie'
9. I always do my best to spell people's names properly, because other people usually spell mine wrong.
10. I have European heritage - Polish, Latvian, Czech, German
11. I love baked goods, especially with lemon. Or chocolate. Or coffee. Or almond. Or fruit...
12. I love coffee, but it has to be real coffee, not instant
13. I love tea too, and drink way more of it than I do coffee
14. I'm currently reading Garment of Shadows, by Laurie R. King
15. I've just had my hair dyed a deep mahogany brown (not sure how well you can tell in the photo)
16. I've spent far to long trying to think of something interesting to write, so I'm going to stop now...


  1. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to have so many brothers and sisters!

  2. love this and next time you need help thinking of facts, I'd be happy to help ;)


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