Friday, October 11, 2013

murder & mystery...

Two of my favourite series have had new books come out recently & I have treated myself to both - I borrow lots of books from the library, but there is something wonderful about having your own copy of a book.

I have every book in both the Phryne Fisher & Mary Russell series (so far) & plan to keep collecting them - if you like clever, entertaining mysteries I highly recommend them.

I'm keeping Garment of Shadows for reading on our Queensland trip later this month, but I've already started Murder and Mendelssohn - trying to pace myself & not stay up all night finishing it :)


  1. lovely post. that new Phryne cover is so pretty!

  2. That cover is gorgeous! Whenever I read her books now I see Essie Davis (from the tv show) as Phryne!
    You might love Louise Penny's books too (in order!)
    I love buying books...but I'm a big library goer too


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