Monday, February 25, 2013


...I'm very thankful that we've had a run of lovely, cool mornings - makes the hot, hot days bearable

...still loving the early morning light - posted week 1 of my morning project & some photos from our most recent forest visit

...I cleaned up my clay cupboard, did some weeding, tidied my desk

...been working on a batch of fine silver pieces - rolling, texturing, cutting, shaping, sanding...

...finished my painting project (photos next month some time)

...we're working on a blog for the shop (to launch next month) & I've been photographing, drafting, testing recipes...

...speaking of recipes - I baked plum crumble cake last week (recipe), so good! & really easy to make - actually, I doubled the mix (one batch of crumble is plenty) & baked two cakes. There are lots of us ;)

...enjoyed our most recent book club book (The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh), read lots of blog posts & helped Kathryn with her portrait for the month...


  1. That crumble cake looks so good; officially hungry now!

  2. beautiful photos Vickie! that crumble cake looks delicious!

  3. Agreed Beautiful photos and I can vouch for the yumminess of the cake:)

  4. Hi Vickie,

    I'm glad you liked the plum crumble cake recipe.

  5. Shop?...sounds like an exciting project
    Love the look of the plum crumble
    And the photograph is inspiration for the latest jewellery?

  6. The cake was so good, you definitely have to make that one again :)

  7. gorgeous first photo and that cake was really good!


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