Tuesday, February 19, 2013

lovely links...

Just thought I'd share a selection of blog posts I've read/looked at/drooled over recently. Plus a few photos - out-takes from my mornings project...

I love Cindy's photography - these portraits are a gorgeous example. Speaking of portraits, how lovely is this engagement shoot on Kinsey's blog.

A Beautiful Mess is always an inspiring place to visit - recently I'm loving these scarves & this cute shoe make-over. Also inspiring - a feature on some gorgeous ceramics, some colourful artwork & gorgeous jewellery.

I've been loving Joy's honey mustard dressing on pretty much any sort of salad - it even keeps well in the fridge if you make a big batch. Totally tempted by apple walnut cakes & espresso chocolate kisses (chocolate, coffee & shortbread! no other explanation needed).

Some interesting thoughts on not getting too caught up in the 'rules' of art.

Just because they're beautiful & cute cats need no reasons at all :)


  1. I love that shoe makeover too! The the espresso kisses look SO GOOD!

  2. the apply walnut cakes are diffidently something we should try!


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