Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{ the teleidoscope } | part 1

...& she found another view...
new perspective
early last year I joined a group on Flickr called The Teleidoscope. A group of photographers started it in 2011, as a 52 weeks self portrait project, with a theme for every week of the year. In 2012 they posted a new list of themes & changed the rules, allowing non-portrait photos - as long as they were an interpretation of the theme, of course.

After enjoying looking at the photos during 2011, last year I thought I'd try taking a photo for as many of the themes as I could. I decided at the beginning that I wouldn't worry about it if I missed some themes, although I quickly got to the point where I tried very hard not to miss any.

It was a real challenge sometimes, but I really enjoyed  myself & am pretty pleased with the photos. I also had, at various times, help (with anything from ideas, to construction, to taking the photo) from Mum, Kathryn & Amy.

All along I've posted my alternates/out-takes here on the blog, so I thought I'd post a selection of my uploads to the group. They're in chronological order - I don't think I could pick a favourite among them. In fact another day my selection would probably be different anyway!

...she always did like to make a splash...
...remembering the forgotten light...
...she followed the glistening light...
...we reach ever higher...
...newspaper mama...
newspaper unexpected turn of speed...
{part 2}


  1. these are so beautiful Vickie, I love them all, but I have to admit, everytime I see your little bridge I swoon!

  2. my absolute favourite, without question, is your newspaper one.

  3. Awesome pics Vickie! I like the first one best, it's so fresh and bright!


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