Tuesday, December 4, 2012

random photos + links

Just for something a little different (for this blog anyway, it's hardly a new idea) I thought I'd share some blog posts I've enjoyed reading/looking at recently. As the blogs I follow can be grouped into three broad categories - photography, food, making stuff - this is basically a post about food I'd like to eat and beautiful photography.

Plus some random photos from my archives - which have nothing to do with the rest of the post, they're just here to make the page look a bit more interesting.

Natasha & her husband have just come back from a European holiday & her blog is currently full of gorgeous travel photos. Here is one of the first posts (isn't that last photo just magic?).

People are starting to post Christmas recipes & although we already have lots of baking planned, I'm very tempted to try this Rye Gingerbread recipe. Or perhaps, gingerbread in cake form. Also, how cute are the spun-sugar trees on this Coconut Cake?

And how gorgeous is this photo from Jade's 52 weeks project?

I always love Alice's photography, but she's got me drooling over these nutella buns too.

More gorgeous food - I actually got to eat some rainbow cake though, since my lovely sister was the one who baked it - all seven layers.

Also, more gorgeous travel photos - these ones are from Katrina's trip to Turkey.

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  1. Great links, Vickie. I really want to try those nutella buns. maybe after christmas.


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