Tuesday, December 18, 2012

before & after...

I've been working my way around my room, cleaning, dusting & generally tidying up. I finished the other day, having left the biggest mess - my desk/jewellery making space - for last.

Previous work-in-progress posts have lead to compliments on the neatness of my workspace - but those have all shown me working on pmc pieces, at the kitchen table. Which meant showing a space I set up, used & then packed up. I kind of felt I should also show my more permanent workspace...

...um, yeah. Basically it was just an accumulation of my not packing up properly as I started/tried/finished things. Plus plenty of dust (it's an old building + my window faces the road). Anyway...

I am going to make a concerted effort to pack up between projects, so that I can keep it looking at least a little bit tidy.

I might have mentioned that I have a rather large bead stash - that's what is in the containers on the desk, as well as those jars & drawers :)


  1. Lovely clean space, are you for hire?

  2. I love the jars you used to organize your craft!

  3. wow, it's hard to believe that clear space is yours, Vickie. ;P
    just kidding, it looks great! :)

  4. Looks lovely and shiny.
    Enjoy while it lasts.


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