Tuesday, November 6, 2012

and finally... { working 925 }

...my last workshop piece is this copper & silver brooch.

Since I only had one class to work on this (the last week - I miss it already) I did as much preparation as I could before I went. So I cut the silver piece (the copper component is from testing out textures with the rolling mill before I made my wing) & smoothed all my edges.
Then in class I made the brooch components, soldered them on, drilled & hammered my (copper) rivets & made the pin. I did the final finishing (sanding the front) after I got home.

I am hoping to get the necessary tools for both soldering & riveting - I'm fairly confident with the riveting, but soldering will be a matter of practice makes perfect (I had a lot of help with all the soldering I did during the course).

project 1, project 2 & project 3 from the workshops


  1. it looks so pretty, vickie!
    I guess you'll just have to do another course if you miss it too much. :)

  2. Vickie you should make more! Very pretty! You could do the same with clay. Just use the techniques to put them together once fired. Very nice.

  3. Beautiful! Looks very adwanced

  4. Lovely! That brooch back mechanism is really neat.


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