Tuesday, August 28, 2012

drawing some inspiration { part 2 }

& here is the continuation of the 'journey' (for lack of a better term) of some of my first batch of scratch-foam texture pieces.

Rather than repeat everything I wrote here (it really won't take you long to go read it, promise), I'll just say that each mosaic shows part of a zentangle, the texture inspired by the pattern, an un-fired piece & the fired, tumbled & patina-ed result. Actually in this case pieces - what will be (once I finish them) a pendant & earrings.

This last one is just because I rather liked the photos of the pieces with the texture they were created with...so I made another mosaic, lol.


  1. How wonderful, these are great Vickie.

  2. these are great, Vickie, very interesting!

  3. Beautiful! What do you use to carve the foam?

    1. you don't actually carve the foam as such, just press into it. These were done with a small ball burnisher, but any small, rounded implement should work.


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