Tuesday, August 21, 2012

colour & threads & felt...

While I was recovering from my cold - well enough to want something to do, but not enough energy to do much - my sister suggested I might enjoy playing around with some embroidery. We have quite a collection of pretty threads & felt (Mum, Kathryn & Amy all do/have done embroidery & such). So I picked some colours & stared stitching....& I made a brooch. 

I really enjoyed the process, so I made another one...

I don't know how much time I will actually spend on this, but it's definitely something I'll continue. It's nice to have such a compact, portable craft (PMC can be a bit messy) to work on in front of the TV, or when we travel.

I'll probably put a bit more planning into the next one - at least decide & cut out the felt shape before I start.

Really I've just fallen for all the pretty colours in the thread box.....& it's given me an excuse to add to the collection, which could be good -or not, lol.


  1. Lovely blog post Vickie, felting is such an art.

  2. Hi, I have been going through your post and checking out your lovely blog. My thoughts are that I must follow . . . your photography and your handmade items are delightful. What an amazingly talented gal you are. I found you through Earth Apple Jane's blog, she is a sweetheart and I'm sure that you are too, or she wouldn't be following you. I do hope to become great blogging friends. Have a wonderful day and keep up your awesome art. Connie :)

  3. Great work. Never enmough pretty coloured thread in the box, even two boxes;)

  4. oh its so pretty as are all those threads! love it!

  5. what a brilliant suggestion ;)
    your brooches turned out so well!


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