Monday, February 13, 2012

finally finished - part 1

a little look at the final result with the pieces from this post (well, part one anyway - more to come).

These five pendants have been finished with sterling silver bails & semi-precious beads. The patterns on the two rounded pieces, as well as the piece with the sodalite (blue) bead, were done free-hand while the clay was still soft.

also some earrings, all finished with handmade hooks...

This first pair were supposed to be quite different (they were going to have a cz in the centre), but it wasn't working, so I changed my plans & I'm really pleased with the result.

and these last ones also have a free-hand pattern, with a similar design to the pendants.


  1. Very nice, Vickie. The ones you did freehand remind me of dandelions.

  2. Beautiful!
    I love the free form designs.

  3. really pretty. love the patterns in the silver.

  4. Beautiful earrings Vickie. I've not seen these before. I love how you have added the beads to the metal clay designs. Just the right touch.


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