Friday, January 27, 2012

freshly fired...

a little update on the pieces that were in my workspace in this post.

here they are, fresh from the kiln, not even brushed or tumbled yet. (& by fresh, I mean after cooling in the kiln overnight).

the last of them are in the tumbler now, getting all shiny.

in the next few days, some of them will be getting a patina & the hooks & such they need to become finished jewellery.


  1. Wow, how beautiful! You have such talent.

  2. I will be looking forward to seeing these beauties all polished up!

  3. I love it when they are fresh out of the kiln! Beautiful work, Vickie! And wow those pictures are great!

  4. A lovely batch of treasures! I love the gem colors.

    Your skill is obvious in the unique pieces.

  5. They look so pretty right out of the kiln! I love the little heart shaped leaf.
    Thanks for posting your blog, I love reading it!

  6. how exciting! I love getting a peek like this. hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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