Friday, September 30, 2011


Earlier this month was my birthday, & along with lots of love & yummy cake, my awesome family gave me a wonderful collection of handmade presents...

First up, another* awesome, hand drawn card - artwork by my lovely brothers...

then, a super cute kitty brooch, made by Kathryn...

a beautiful soft, swishy skirt, from Zoe Chen...

this lovely coin purse, by Seventh Sphere...

a gorgeous pendant from David Eris Loong (his shop is literally the first I ever favourited on etsy)...

& as if that wasn't enough, this gorgeous print by Yellena :)

*this is the third year they've made my card - 2010, 2009


  1. wow - gorgeous stuff - the skirt is beautiful

  2. Wow Vicki - what a lucky girl you are. I knew that had to be a Seventh Spree purse - love them all :)

  3. What an amazing lot of birthday pressies. Did you have to buy them yourself or did you leave your favourites up on the computer screen with a sign "Stuff I Like".
    It is my birthday this month and I would love to get lots of handmade goodies .
    Happy belated Birthday to you.

  4. Wonderful inspiration...and what wonderful gifts! Thank-you for sharing...

  5. thanks everyone :)

    I didn't have to buy them myself Del, there was a list, but most of this wasn't on it XD (although the etsy stuff is all from my favourites)

  6. such an amazing set of gifts! how sweet and inspiring.

  7. you are lucky ;)
    gorgeous pics, gorgeous sister!


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