Sunday, July 3, 2011

day 4, a little bit magic...& a lot windy...

Taking self portraits can be kind of difficult, especially since we can't use our remote with the 50d. Add a wide brimmed hat which doesn't fit & lots of wind & doing it on your own becomes almost impossible.
Luckily I had Kathryn to help me today - she played my 'remote' & pressed the button for me.

I think the hat spent almost as much time off my head as on, in the shot below I only just caught it before it blew away completely.

& bonus shot of me looking really silly


& Happy Birthday Kathryn!


  1. wonderful! I can really appreciate how hard it is to take your own pic under those circumstances but in the end its working around difficulties that makes you end up with the best pics.

  2. wonderful and thank you for the birthday wishes :)


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