Friday, February 6, 2015

five things | cover versions

I'm pretty sure it was one of my sisters that suggested a series of 'five things' posts - books, songs, foods... the possibilities are endless really.

Being pretty bad a narrowing down lists of things (& forget about picking favourites most of the time) I figured that if gave myself more specific parameters, then it might be easier to actually choose. So, since my playlist on YouTube features quite a few covers, this seemed like a good place to start...

These are in no particular order & I'm going to admit right off that I'm not always familiar with the original versions, I've just come across the covers & enjoyed them...

~ Paradise (Peponi) - The Piano Guys
This is one of my favourite Piano Guys songs & one on the list that I do know (& like) the original version of, but I think I prefer the cover - there's just something really special about this version...

~ Wrecking Ball - Sarah Blackwood, Jenni & Emily
This is one of the songs where I don't know the original, but I love the vocals in this version, so I'm quite happy just listening to the cover.

~ Sara Bareilles - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Sara is one of my favourite artists & I know & like the song, although it's not something I listen to a lot. I really enjoy her version - although I basically love most of the things she performs...

~ Radioactive - Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix
Totally unfamiliar with the original of this song, but love the violin/cello + vocals in this version.

~ Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth
Again - don't know the original song very well (I have heard it though) - but love this cover. I really like their version of 'Trouble' too.

I could add several more songs here, but I'm going to make myself stick to just five...

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  1. love this post, piano guys are the best (so is Lindsey Stirling!)


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