Friday, December 26, 2014

apollo bay + otway national park | sisters head east

We spent two days in Apollo Bay - or really, we spent three nights there & two days in the Otway National Park.

I think we worked the hardest during this part of the trip - lots of walks down to waterfalls & then back up to the car - but totally worth it.  The walks varied in length, gradient & ease - from a fairly gentle stroll, to heaps of stairs, to scarily steep + one extremely wet/soggy/mushy path - difficult to walk down & even worse to go back up. All the waterfalls were gorgeous though - Hopetoun was the most picture-perfect, but they all had a beauty about them.

Still - lush, ferny greenery, cascading water, tall (tall!) trees, birdsong, fish & chips on the beach, stunning views, a tree-top all made for a wonderful (if tiring) couple of days.

1. Triplet Falls \\ 2. Phantom Falls \\ 3. Beauchamp Falls \\ 4. Apollo Bay beach \\ 5. Otway Fly \\ 6. Hopetoun Falls \\ 7. Triplet Falls

// 2 by Kathryn / 6 by Amy //

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