Saturday, July 19, 2014

lovely links...

It's been cold, wet & well, wintry here recently - makes me want to spend my days baking, reading by the fire & drinking copious amounts of tea...

Been enjoying following Ali & her family on their big adventure.

Mums are awesome. & we should tell them so.

This will probably make you cry (but you should watch it anyway).

A bamboo forest. Somewhere in Utah. The vast sky. A touch of loveliness. Beautiful woodland belles.

Speaking of baking, there are lots of delicious sounding recipes out there, like apple kuchen, or pear, raspberry & amaretto cake, or sage & walnut bread (because home-made bread is the best), or these blueberry & cream cheese rye muffins, or kahlua crunch cake just for something totally indulgent.

A story.

And the Doctor, of course.

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  1. Thanks for including my story here, Vickie. The videos are going on my 'to watch' list and the photos of Utah are gorgeous.

    P.S. you are strongly encouraged to make the apple kuchen and walnut bread.


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