Saturday, June 21, 2014

five things | Miss Holly

1. She is more or less convinced that the only possible place to sleep during the day is on someone's lap - which is super sweet, but kinda makes it hard to get much done.

2. When she's playing the build up to her pouncing is super cute - she waits, gets ready, waits, gets readier & then bam! whatever toy she's after is in trouble.

3. She had a lovely time exploring when we took her with us to Bundaleer Forest, a little unsure at first, but she soon got over that. (also, she is, I swear, wearing her harness & lead, it just doesn't look like it in the photo).

4. Ants fascinate her - she'll spend ages sniffing, following & trying to catch them.

5. In the evening, after a good play, she will curl up on someone's lap until bed time. Usually it's whoever grabs her, but sometimes she'll decide on someone & refuse to settle until she gets the lap she wants - it's uber cute :)

You can find plenty more cute Holly-ness over on her tumblr.

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