Tuesday, December 24, 2013

five things | about christmas

Tonight (Christmas Eve) is a big part of our celebrations - we have a delicious, fancy dinner, exchange presents & generally have fun - celebrating with loved ones is the best. In the spirit of celebration, here are five things I love about Christmas (in no particular order)...

~ all the decorations, the sparkly tinsel, twinkly lights, trees, angels & stars.

~ food is a big part of our celebrations - all the traditional things, like uszka, pierogi, bigos, barszcz, fish patties in tomato sauce, herring, potato salad, roast & veg. Then there is dessert (home-made mint ice-cream this year) & of course all the baked goods - cheesecake, apple cake, fruitcake, honey cookies...(the biscuits in the photo are a batch of my Babcia's pastry, filled with jam....& long gone).

~ choosing, wrapping & giving presents....(getting them isn't too terrible either)

~ going through photos from the past year so we can choose which to use in our calenders - for the past few years we've been creating a calender of family portraits for my grandmother, a nature-y one for various relatives, a kitchen calender - featuring some of the more amusing portraits from the year (stuff like this) & I make one with some of my favourite photos from the year.

~ Christmas specials - Dr Who is always good fun & this year there's Miss Fisher as well.

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So, Merry Christmas everyone
may your days be filled with the people you love, good food & lots of laughter

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  1. Merry Christmas, Vickie - I hope it's wonderful (sounds like it will be!) :) xox

  2. Gorgeous, and yummy looking too. Merry Christmas Vickie. :)


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