Sunday, September 29, 2013

sweet spice...

I've been wanting to try baking these muffins for ages - something about the combination of tea & poppy seeds just really appealed. I much prefer chai tea to earl grey though, so I simply substituted chai teabags when infusing the milk - plus a dash of vanilla in with my wet ingredients - and went with apricot jam for the glaze.

A double batch (with an extra egg) yielded 3 dozen nicely sized muffins - although they seem more like cupcakes to me... but then again, I really couldn't describe what the difference is. Not that it matters, as they are soft & delicious, with a beautiful hint of tea & spice.

Just in case I haven't tempted you enough, a few other recipes I've had success with recently(ish) - Spelt Apple Teacake (& Amy also made this Spelt Carrot Cake not that long ago), Magic Custard Cake, & the chocolate version too. Plus, I had this awesome chocolate cake for my birthday :)


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