Monday, May 27, 2013

lovely links

 We've been having some lovely rain - the perfect weather for hot tea & catching up on some reading...

Looking forward to seeing the photos from Jess & Nick's trip, Natasha has me dreaming of Paris & Meredith has me dreaming of San Francisco pt1 | pt2...

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Alice - I love her photography & these gorgeous portraits are a great example.

plus more gorgeousness, with a red VW bus, a wedding at a stunning location & then there are some stylish ladies.

Some beautiful autumn colour over on everyday miracles & also at 74 lime Lane. Also here & here.

So much delicious looking food on my pinboard - would especially like to try Honey & Pear muffins, as well as Honey Chocolate Chunk cookies.

Also some beautiful, abandoned places & the champion's crown


  1. Ooh, hot tea (or coffee, in my case!) and reading - lovely.

    Thanks for these links and also for the mention! I love Alice's blog, too, and am looking forward to checking out all the rest.

    Have a beautiful week :)

  2. Omg these links are so fabulous!!


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