Sunday, April 14, 2013

lovely links...

Still getting used to when the light is good, now that daylight savings has ended - I'll be starting week two of my project soon. I am vaguely dissatisfied with the title for these posts (although it is accurate), but I'm yet to come up with anything else, so I'll just get on with the good stuff...

Lots of gorgeous recipes making me hungry - from skillet baked choc chip cookies, to chewy granola bars, to fancy grilled cheese. Not forgetting carrot cake with honey cream cheese icing or berry curd (with scones!)

Big congrats to Katrina & Chris (plus, how cute is the video they made to announce their news?)

Hopefully I'll find the time to try shrinking myself (only photographically of course)

The Lake District  looks beautiful (but cold!).

I'm enjoying the beginning of Autumn with it's cool mornings & mild days, but it's nice to see pretty spring flowers (also here) + a mint bicycle.

It was Mum's birthday at the beginning of the month - I think she liked her presents  :)

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  1. lovely links, indeed, and the photos are absolutely gorgeous.


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