Monday, November 7, 2011

Silver bead necklace

A while ago (well, way back in June) I posted about a batch of sliver (pmc) I had recently finished. One of the pieces was this cylindrical bead, which I had a plan for. Before I went to Melbourne, I finally managed to make it happen...

I wanted a long necklace, but didn't want to restrict myself, so I designed my chain with two (handmade) clasps, so that I can remove a section of chain, allowing me to wear it as a short necklace as well.

I used lost of different colours of bead, so it goes with almost anything...

...& altogether, I'm very pleased with the result :)


  1. gah! It's gorgeous vicky!!!! I love all the pretty colours!! You are so talented! Are you making one for your shop!!! xoxoxo (love your new haircut too heheheh! super cute!)

  2. You have the bead finished really beautifully Vickie - not easy - well done!


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