Saturday, August 27, 2011

a bit of our garden...on film...

some almost-springtime backyard nature-y goodness....on film!

these were all taken with Dziadziu's old Canon TLb camera (as were these, from back in January). Getting a little better with the focus (I think) but still working on the settings...

We are also waiting (im)patiently for our first Rolleicord photos to arrive, along with a roll of black & white (taken with the old film EOS).
The local place couldn't process those, so we took them to a place in Adelaide (not bad - a 6hr round trip to process film - although we didn't go specifically for that), but they only do the b&w on Wednesdays, so they're posting it back to us.


  1. These photos are gorgeous! you've got a great eye, and a lovely camera by the looks of things :)

  2. these came out so great! i especially love the second one.

  3. such beautiful photos! and yay for spring :)


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